Knowledge bank

The AGN-NA knowledge bank contains much of the knowledge that AGN-NA member firms have been sharing with each other since 2000. Armed with new technologies, AGN-NA began a deliberate effort to capture and compile all the tangible and intangible knowledge that existed in each member firm.

First and foremost, the knowledge bank is a powerful database of all member firms, and, more importantly, the knowledge that each individual within each firm has. This database enables any member to search for the person in another member firm who has just exactly the knowledge/experience to solve a specific technical, client, or industry-related issue.

From this member database backbone flows the second branch of the knowledge bank: the transfer of knowledge, i.e. literally hundreds of documents - marketing plans, operating agreements, technical white papers, HR policies and procedures, templates, etc. - which have been shared by member firms to help other member firms. Member firm-developed knowledge - especially knowledge developed in the sharegroups - is highly proprietary, and, therefore, secure behind our Members-Only portal within each of the sharegroup pages it is associated with. It is keyword searchable.

The third branch of the knowledge bank is the e-mail archives. Every e-mail posted on any of the sharegroup listserves since 2005 is archived at each sharegroup site. When a member begins a search for information on a particular topic, the search engine looks in all the e-mail archives as well as the knowledge bank to bring up every reference to that topic.

If you have a challenge, it is likely that another member has already encountered it. Check the AGN-NA knowledge bank and "Don't Re-create the Wheel!"