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Part 2: Federal Tax Update for Businesses

Part 2: Federal Tax Update for Businesses
2:00 - 4:00 pm ET
Part 1 Update for Individuals will take place on Tuesday, January 8 at 2 pm ET.

AGN favorite Joe Nicola will continue his presentation with a discussion of federal tax developments as they relate to businesses.  He will touch on many of the Section199A questions he has fielded from members in recent weeks.  As with the individual tax discussion, Joe will also addresses recent IRS guidance and case law.

Learning Objectives
•  To learn how to apply aspects of tax reform on tax returns for the first time.
•  To review recent member questions on the application of Section 199A.
•  To obtain an understanding of recent guidance and case law.
•  To review the state of the law and regulatory guidance as they apply to capital expenditures.
•  To review of the impact of recent guidance on accounting methods.
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