AGN EMEA member firm Active-Audit Partner with SWIFT  

The Ukrainian Audit company Active-Audit partnered with the international information transfer and payment system (SWIFT) under the Customer Security Program (CSP) in November 2019.

Partnership with SWIFT enables our customers to pass KYC Security Attestation. From 07/01/2020 passing this certification for companies connected to SWIFT is mandatory.

Fighting fraud is a problem for the entire financial industry. The threat is changing and developing daily, and SWIFT and its customers must be attentive and active throughout their business. SWIFT has developed a Client Protection Program (CSP) to support clients in the fight against cyber attacks.

An independent authority must conduct the KYC Security Attestation for SWIFT customers regularly. For more information on external evaluations of an independent external organization and a list of companies that can help with independent CSCF evaluations. Click here to see the CSP Europe Section or alternative copy and paste the following link into your web browser:

Active-Audit is now ready to offer its customers support in conducting the audit of the Client Protection Program (CSP).

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