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Doing Business in the United States

Published in October 2017

So many international companies and firms have business in the United States. With a market of more than 324 million people, AGN North America has excellent firms to help you and your clients do business here. While most of this market speaks English, 12% speak Spanish and 7% speak other languages.

Technology is a huge part of the economy and technological developments and applications are at the forefront of US companies. IT, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace and military equipment companies are also important sectors in this vast and somewhat diverse country.

Growth in 2017 exceeded 3%, which is the highest in two years. The GDP per capita income is $59,609 and so is categorized by the World Bank as high income. The United States is the second largest exporting economy in the world, after China. Their top exports in 2017 include:

  1. Machinery / computers: US$190.5 billion (13.1% of total exports)
  2. Electrical machinery, equipment: $167.2 billion (11.5%)
  3. Aircraft, spacecraft: $134.6 billion (9.3%)
  4. Vehicles : $124.3 billion (8.5%)
  5. Mineral fuels including oil: $94.7 billion (6.5%)
  6. Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $82.0 billion (5.6%)
  7. Plastics, plastic articles: $58.4 billion (4.0%)
  8. Gems, precious metals: $57.8 billion (4.0%)
  9. Pharmaceuticals: $47.1 billion (3.2%)
  10. Organic chemicals: $33.9 billion (2.3%)


Companies and individuals make most business decisions, and the federal and state governments buy goods and contracts mainly in the private market.

Doing business in the US is easier than in most other countries. There is a lot of flexibility on the part of private companies to make decisions about expansion, new product development and employment. Nearly every sort of business already exists and startups are plentiful and common. Tax and other laws can be complex so it is best to seek the advice of a good accounting firm to help with tax incentives, taxation and regulation.

American companies also are amongst the largest sources of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) abroad.

For the most up-to-date statistics, this portal incorporates various live data feeds from:

  • The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • The World Bank
  • The observatory of Economic Complexity



Use the navigations buttons below to access to more live data:
Inflation, Development indicators, Exports, Trade Balance, and more.

OECD Country Comparison Portal

The window below is a direct feed of regularly updated information from the OECD. It provides data concerning everything from GDP growth, fiscal balance, investment, and unemployment rates to consumption, import volume and export volume. The window allows comparisons between The United States and other countries of the OECD average for these factors.

Inflation (CPI)

Total, Annual growth rate (%)

World Bank Development Indicators

The window below is a feed from the World Bank website and shows the primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially-recognized international sources. It presents the most current, accurate and global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates. Amongst others it covers critical areas of Agriculture & Rural Development, Climate Change, Economy & Growth, Education, Energy & Mining, Environment, External Debt, Health, Infrastructure and Labor & Social Protection.


This graph is taken from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC). Products, represented by rectangles, are drawn from the 775 individual product classes found in the Standardized International Trade Code.

This graph shows volumes of goods exported from the United States.


This graph is taken from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC). Products, represented by rectangles, are drawn from the 775 individual product classes found in the Standardized International Trade Code.

This graph shows volumes of goods imported into The United States.

Trade Balance

This graph is taken from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC).

This graph illustrates the subsequent trade balance of exports and imports to and from The United States.


This graph is taken from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC).

This graph shows the destinations of goods and services by country.


Business Opportunities:


Later this year, Canada is set to become the first G7 country to legalize recreational, adult-use cannabis. With the once-fledgling sector now boasting a combined market value of around $30 billion, whatever the moral or legal implications, entrepreneurs worldwide are looking to the ‘Great White North’ and considering opportunities to cash in on the so-called ‘Green Rush’.  (Article by Adams & Miles)

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There are huge opportunities for AGN technology clients in Australia. Between 2014 and 2020, the contribution of digital technologies to Australia's economy is forecast to grow 75% to A$139 billion.

Almost all of this growth (97%) is predicted to take place in a range of traditional sectors such as financial services, agribusiness, life sciences, resources and energy. The Australian government warmly welcomes foreign investment in the some critical areas.

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Emmanuel Macron took office as the President of France on 14 May 2017, becoming the youngest president in French history and youngest head of state since Napoleon. His victory was based on a manifesto of significant social and economic reform. As his program has started to take effect, Macron has been hailed as having re-launched the French economy as an attractive destination for foreign direct investment – the so called “Macron Effect”.

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AGN News in the region:

January 2018

Global Connect

AGN International Executive Office has coordinated with an organisation called “DFK International,” which, like AGN, is a high-quality, client-centered global accounting association. In order to make sure we always have the best resources for our members we are now able to call upon DFK firms, and vice versa. This provides the opportunity to further expand your connections with professionals, experts and referral sources

If you need a specific type of expertise anywhere in the world, contact your Regional Director and she will be able to make the right connection. 

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January 2018

New Chair for International Business Development Committee

The AGN International Business Development Committee (IBDC) names Tony Sokic of Adams & Miles in Toronto, Canada as new leader.

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