Introducing Effective Leadership for Partners

This program is designed to help your succession plan succeed. We take your new and soon-to-be partners through a two-year program with four cornerstones: 

• Operational excellence
• Interpersonal and client relationships
• Leadership 
• Business development / firm growth. 

AGN recognizes that these new and soon-to-be partners are the key to maintaining vibrant, healthy, independent CPA practices and that a wide variety of competencies and experiences develop strong and competent firm leaders. 

This two-year program emphasizes experiential learning, active participation and a program tailored to individual strengths. Participants will not just hear about what they need to accomplish, they will be immersed in active and transformational learning, practicing new skills with a cohort of others in similar positions in other AGN firms across North America. 

We invite you to learn about this new program by viewing the video below.

Over two years, this program is unique in that it offers:

• Four cornerstone in-person learning sessions, 1 - 1.5 days each, led by best-in-class experts 
• Three experiential learning sessions, designed to help people transform their abilities to lead a firm, 1 – 1.5 days each 
• A chance to experience best practices at a variety of AGN firms around the region 
• An in-firm mentor to help them apply experiences to their own work 
• Personal assessments and feedback throughout the program
• An ongoing cohort group to provide a stable community and establish career-long relationships with other future leaders 
• Virtual learning sessions with application 
• A Capstone project in groups, designed to help them experience their ability to create change and provide leadership, presented to Board Members at NARM 

Effective Leadership Skills for Partners 

New dates coming soon!
Audience:  Those within a few years of making Partner - either before or after
Length:  Two Years
Cost: $4,200 (USD) per year
Faculty: Wendy Nemitz will facilitate, with assistance from leading industry professionals
Alternative to: AGN Study Groups and Upstream Emerging Leaders Academy*

This two-year program is exclusive to AGN and will be targeted at soon-to-be or newly-minted partners. It will feature four cornerstones taught by best-in-class instructors:  

• Business Development / Firm Growth
• Relationship Management and Client Relationships 
• Firm Operational Excellence
• Leadership 

In addition we will have three experiential sessions. 

This program will be delivered in a small-group setting focused on building relationships, sharing best practices and learning from one another as well as the seasoned faculty. With mentoring, independent study, virtual training and group projects all working in tandem with the high level of content and instruction, we are confident that this will be an excellent experience for our next generation of firm leaders.

*Note that we have created this as an alternative for those firms who have opted out of the ELA program. We will continue to offer discounts and maintain our relationship with Upstream to support those that are currently invested. 


The Fire Up Growth Program 
If you are an “almost partner” and need to focus on your business development and marketing skills, you might want to also check out our Fire Up Growth Program here.

Emerging Leaders Academy by Upstream Academy

AGN has historically partnered with Upstream Academy to help firms with these leadership challenges and proactively prepare for tomorrow. This three-year Emerging Leaders Academy program can be renewed annually and offers leadership training in a large-group environment. Led by Sam Allred and Tim Bartz, this well-established curriculum has been praised by many of our AGN graduates.

AGN members have a special reduced rate to this program. Below are some important considerations prior to participating in the program:

1. Enrollment is by invitation only, your managing partner must contact Ashleigh Lambert, Member Programs Manager, regarding your ELA participation.

2. 3-year commitment for monthly virtual education and goal-setting accountability/attainment.

3. Requires a commitment from at least 3 individuals in each firm (the participant, a current firm leader, and an ELA advocate).

4. Annual Leadership Project

5. One face-to-face meeting required per year (all other training is virtual).

6. Unconditional guarantee of satisfaction from Upstream Academy

7. Per participant cost is $2500 per year (discount from $3000 per year)

8. CPE is awarded by Upstream Academy

Contact Ashleigh Lambert, Member Programs Manager, with any questions. Phone: 303-743-7880, option 107.