A Comprehensive, Career-Long Professional Development Program

Our AGN ADVANCE Professional Development Program is focused on combining technical, professional, business development and leadership skills throughout the careers of our members. In conjunction with the team at Clark Schaefer Hackett, we have created a cohesive offering that starts at entry level and builds upon the same themes through to senior partner level, addressing and enhancing appropriate topics for each stage.

AGN Advance 2022 Training Dates 
Foundational Skills for Staff
Summer 2022  Fall 2022
June 27 - July 1    |   Tax and Audit Level 2
Online via Zoom
October 17-20    |   Tax and Audit Level 2
Cincinnati, OH
July 18-22     |   Tax and Audit Level 3
Online via Zoom

October 31 - November 3   |   Tax and Audit Level 3
Cincinnati, OH
August 1-4   |   Tax and Audit Level 4
Cincinnati, OH

December 5-8   |   Tax Level 4 only
Raleigh, NC

NextManagers Academy
       Partner Study Groups
December 7-9, 2022
Raleigh, NC
         May 18, 2022
         Minneapolis, MN
          in conjunction with NARM


NextLeaders Academy
       Executive Leadership Workshop
May 18-19, 2022
Minneapolis, MN
in conjunction with NARM

         May 15, 2022
         Minneapolis, MN
         in conjunction with NARM


Why participate in development through AGN?

There truly is strength in numbers. Membership in AGN provides you with the benefits of a much larger organization, whether it be in reach, competency or development. Our Advance Program gives your firm the access to top-level training from the profession’s best minds – a benefit previously reserved for only large firm internal training programs.  Whether you send one professional or twenty, we work to keep the education affordable and relevant for all of our members. 

One of the major advantages of membership in AGN is the ability to build a personal network of friends and resources. AGN Advance provides the perfect opportunity to meet and connect with professionals at your level from across North America, and then to continue your training with the same peer group. It is our goal to create cohorts that move through the program together and create career-long bonds.

Knowledge sharing is a hallmark of AGN, and an incredible benefit of having your team attend training in a private, non-competitive environment. Instead of limiting instruction to a “one to many” format, we provide the opportunity for the class to explore solutions and ideas as a group, often providing insight and takeaways well beyond the curriculum. Firms don’t need to worry that their most valued team members will be sitting next to competitors interested in recruiting them, instead the discussions will be more likely to garner ideas and solutions that can benefit the firm overall.

What is unique about this program?

AGN’s Advance program is also focused on developing well-rounded professionals. While other training is strictly technical or only focused on business development, we aim to create well-rounded professionals that are poised to handle a variety of situations and responsibilities. By mixing technical, professional and business development topics our program sets the student up for success and advancement in today’s firm. 

Unlike other programs, our training builds on itself. Starting at the earliest levels and continuing through Executive Leadership, we work with skills and concepts that evolve throughout the program. 

This program is exclusive to AGN members. That means that we have designed the curriculum to meet your needs. It is constantly being evaluated by our members and instructors to ensure that it addresses the most important elements in today’s practice. We welcome insight from our members on the topics and instruction and strive to make it impactful on both an individual and firm level. 

Who provides the training?

We are fortunate to have access to some of the profession’s top training resources. From audit to tax to professional development, we have created a program that rivals any in the country.

Our member firm Clark Schaefer Hackett has worked closely with the AGN team to design the curriculum for this program. The firm’s training and development team is comprised of seasoned HR, leadership and training experts who have worked to create courses that will not only enhance the technical skillset and increase client service, but develop and retain the next generation of leaders at AGN member firms. Professional development training is customized for each level based on industry experience and concepts from Franklin Covey. CSH’s training team includes Ali Ruhenkamp and Beth Harvey. Business Development is incorporated at each level through professional development, but Levels 3 and 4 provide a dedicated focus on business development as Carrie Steffen from The Whetstone Group leads interactive sessions.

For technical tax training, AGN is excited to source materials designed by Surgent
 and is pleased to have our own member and resident tax expert Joe Nicola of Sisterson & Company presenting all three levels of training. Joe has provided AGN members with tax updates and in-depth analysis for many years and will bring the same fresh, updated approach to our technical tax sessions.

AuditSense, one of the foremost leaders in US audit training, has been selected to provide our technical audit instruction. Chuck Manganiello has taught over 15,000 professionals and is constantly honing his content to provide the latest ideas, developments and skills. AGN is very excited to have Chuck and his team as a resource for Levels 2 and 3. Level 4 Audit training is being updated in 2022 and will be delivered by Melisa Galasso

Need Assistance?
Please feel free to contact our team at any time!  
Ashleigh Lambert, Director of Member Programs, AGN
Beth Harvey, Manager, Organizational Development, Clark Schaefer Hackett

Carrie Steffen, President, The Whetstone Group
Joe Nicola, CPA, CVA, JD, Tax Partner, Sisterson & Co. LLP
Chuck Manganiello, CPA, Founder, AuditSense
Glenn Aldridge, CPA, Instructor, AuditSense
Melisa Galasso, CPA, CSP, CPTD, Founder and CEO, Galasso Learning Solutions LLC