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The international community of  “NextGenners” has been created seeking to broaden the horizons of members future leaders, encouraging them to form relationships with individuals in other member firms, and to absorb useful practice management knowledge and training along the way.

2020 Program "The Road to Value"

Prospering from the Digital Journey – What’s your firm’s strategy?

The theme for 'The Road to Value' explores the advances in technology and the effects it has on client services. The structure of the programme will make you think about how your firm might be affected and to propose ideas about how your firm might respond. 

Over time, you will collate information to form a presentation which you will deliver to your partner group. The presentation will include your thoughts on developments and your recommended future strategies.

Each webinar will allow you to swap ideas and experiences with your AGN NextGen colleagues and community.

Cost: This program has no cost for AGN members.




5 August 2020 @ 4.00 pm (BST) How Technology is Changing the Profession
8 September 2020 @ 4.00 pm (BST) What are our Options for Embracing Tech Changes? (Mind-shop/Mindbridge AI)
13 October 2020 @ 4.00 pm (BST) Leading & Communicating Change (Anne Marie Blake)
10 November 2020 @ 4.00 pm (GMT) Using Technology for Unexpected Things? (Mind Bridge 2, CBG)
9 December 2020 @ 4.00 pm (GMT) A Possible Delivery Model

All webinars are recorded and available at NextGen page in MY AGN.

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There will be an individual prize of an iPad Pro for the best overall response to all five challenges - one set at each webinar. There will also be a team prize for the best group presentation of 'My firm's future digital strategy'. The winning team (up to 3 people) will be able to attend their next AGN regional meeting.

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