Introducing the Fire Up Growth Program

Starts: July 2018

The Fire Up Growth Program has two tracks and we recommend you have at least one person in each of them. The reason we have the two tracks is because change really happens at both the individual and cultural level. If you are seeking some individual business development skills for individual partners and ways to embed growth practices in your culture, sign up for Fire Up Growth and use both of these two tracks:

• Track One: Those responsible for driving a firm growth culture, including the managing partner, marketing partner and marketing team.  
• Track Two: Individual partners in need of personal business development insight, structure and accountability.

Length:  Two Years

Faculty:  Wendy Nemitz, with a variety of growth experts as guest speakers.
Format: Primarily webinar / virtual, with a few optional live events. 
Alternative to:  AGN's Partner Development Program webinar series

The webinars are free to AGN firms. We will also recommend live events that are part of AGN’s North American Regional Meeting (NARM) or World Congress, depending on their applicability to the program. The fee for these will be part of the conference. In addition, if your partners would like personal business development coaching along with this program, this can be arranged for a separate fee. 

This is the evolution of our Partner Development Webinar Program and offers several levels of impact. We have identified two needs within our firms. First, a strong need for business development structure, support and training for individual partners or people about to make partner. 

While not every partner will be a great rainmaker, most firms require all of them to contribute to firm growth and be able to help bring in new business. This free webinar and low-cost live program will be augmented by optional business development coaching, offered by Wendy Nemitz, AGN staffer, certified Gallup StrengthsFinder coach and a business development coach with more than 15 years of experience with accountants and other professionals. The coaching program is an additional cost, and not a mandatory part of the program. 

Second, we have also seen that firms that desire overall organic growth also need ideas, strategies and tactics to achieve that organic growth culture. As a result, we have created a program that will not only build the practices of individual partners but will also help leaders make business development an integral part of firm culture. 

Each virtual expert will be interviewed on a “fireside chat” format webinar. They will offer an hour of information on how to build individual practices and then, back-to-back, an hour of information about building a firm growth culture on the same overall topic. You will be able to choose whether you listen in on the skills-focused hour or a culture-developing hour, or both. 

CPE will be available with more information to be announced.  

Please feel free to contact Wendy Nemitz with any questions. 

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