AGN Expands Global Reach

January 2018
AGN International announces a new initiative called “Global Connect.” AGN International Executive Office has coordinated with an organization called “DFK International,” which, like AGN, is a high-quality, client-centered global accounting association. In order to make sure we always have the best resources for our members, we are now able to call upon DFK firms, and vice versa. This provides the opportunity to further expand your connections with professionals, experts and referral sources.

If you need a specific type of expertise anywhere in the world, contact your Regional Director and she will be able to make the right connection. AGN firms will always be the first referral, if appropriate, but we will also be able to help our clients with DFK resources when it is the best fit. Over time AGN and DFK will look for efficiencies and synergies to benefit the members of both organisations.

While there are no plans to merge our associations, both AGN and DFK are focused on making sure you get the solutions your firm and clients need efficiently and effectively. Here is a link to the FAQs