Improving the Experience with ERP and Other Enterprise ...

Improving the Experience with ERP and Other Enterprise ...
2:00 - 3:00 pm ET
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1 hr CPE/CPD in Computer Software and Applications

Program Level: Basic Intermediate Advanced Update Overview

Improving the Experience with ERP and Other Enterprise Software

All manufacturers and distributors utilize some form of enterprise software, most commonly ERP as the primary software for transaction processing and tactical and operational decision making. At the same time, nearly half report that they're dissatisfied with their ERP software experience. This seminar introduces a framework for companies to use in increasing their adoption and satisfaction level with their existing ERP and other enterprise software assets. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the causes of gaps between expectations and experience for enterprise software
  • Tools and techniques to reduce software fit gaps (features needed, but do not exist)
  • Tools and techniques to reduce software utilization gaps (capabilities exist but aren't being fully or appropriately utilized)
  • Methods to manage the change from current state to a desired, improved future state
Speaker Bio
Scott A. Holter
Meaden & Moore Business Solutions, Ltd.
Scott has spent more than 20 years in manufacturing and technology consulting, working with manufacturers of all types and sizes. He has extensive experience with multiple software applications, not only assisting clients with evaluating and selecting software, but also improving the utilization of existing software. He has led dozens of projects to evaluate, recommend and select enterprise software in a way that maximizes the investment. In that time, Scott has reviewed, evaluated and audited more than 80 different enterprise software products. 

In 2000, Scott also authored and presented the paper “Synergy – ERP and Lean” to NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Since then, Scott has helped several companies craft and realize a vision for simplifying and melding companies’ ERP software and Lean Manufacturing initiatives.  In 2012, Scott was the keynote speaker at the Precision Metalforming Association’s summit on ERP selection and implementation.

When Scott works with clients to evaluate and select software, he brings significant hands-on manufacturing experience to the process. Prior to beginning a consulting career, Scott spent more than 12 years in manufacturing operations, holding positions as an industrial engineer, production planner and scheduler, plant manager, and vice president of operations. He was employed by two global, multinational corporations as well as two small, private companies across a variety of industry segments.
6/15/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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