Creative Thinking for Accountants

Creative Thinking for Accountants
2:00 - 3:00 pm ET
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Program Level: Basic  

Creative Thinking for Accountants         

Can you describe what a stop sign is without using the word stop sign?  How about when you are talking about Valuations, Tax Credits, EBITDA, Cost Seg Studies, Assurance? Being able to describe these using creative thinking will enable you to communicate more clearly to your clients, become a trusted advisor, cross-sell more services, and be a better firm leader. 
Creative thinking can help you think of new ways to explain complex concepts simply, carry out tasks a new way, solve problems differently, and meet challenges.  Creative thinking is a muscle that needs to be worked. In this session, we’ll go through some creative thinking exercises to help build that muscle and can be used in your job.


Learning Objectives

  • Creative thinking skills aren't just for artistic types. Learn how creative thinking can help CPAs and firm leaders
  • Practice creative thinking and learn ways to do the same things
  • Implement these skills in everyday work life
Speaker Bio
Jill Winter
Marketing Director
Froehling Anderson

Jill knew she wanted to go into business since her first job as a teenager. While in college, marketing appealed to her because of the balance of being creative and analytical. She enjoys working on all things marketing and communications to help grow a business.
Jill currently is a marketing director at a mid-sized CPA firm where she is charged with the firm’s marketing and business development strategies and leads all marketing efforts to continue the firm’s growth, client retention and client service. But her favorite part of her job is training and coaching the future firm leaders.  That is why Jill is becoming a certified coach to further enhance her coaching skills.
6/17/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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