WEBINAR - NextGen R2BCN - Module 5 - Reputation Matters

WEBINAR - NextGen R2BCN - Module 5 - Reputation Matters
Time of webinar: 4pm BST.

‘The Road to Barcelona’ is a series of five learning modules which will take place between March and September.
There will be interesting tasks and valuable exercises in between a series of webinars. Each task will take between an hour or two, a month, to complete. 

Module 5: Reputation Matters – Building a Personal Firm Brand that Conveys Trust

Doing good work is the foundation of trust-building. But to be perceived as “worth more,” you and your firm must learn how to communicate that you are trustworthy, even before you begin the work. This webinar breaks down how:

  • Humans decide whether or not another person or an organisation is trustworthy. 
  • Trust-building gives you the power of being listened to, respected and influential. 
  • Firms lower trust, build trust or remain neutral. 
  • Trust as a brand. 
  • How trust-building affects recruitment, retention and gaining the best new clients. 

Time of webinar: 4pm BST. Check your local time here.

9/16/2019 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Online registration not available.

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