"We joined AGN at a time when our firm was sustaining rapid growth and needed a global information base and console with other managing partners. AGN's is second to none."

Chris J. Judy, CPA
Managing Partner
Thomas, Judy & Tucker, P.A.
Raleigh, NC, USA

"Our affiliation with AGN over the years has resulted in many successful and rewarding relationships. Our firm's partners and staff have benefited greatly from the vast wealth of expertise, knowledge and support of AGN member firms from all over the world - what an incredible forum for accounting professionals to learn from and share with one another!"

Gary Katz, CPA, CA
Managing Partner
Logan Katz LLP
Ottawa, ON, CANADA


submit an application

Send your completed application form, along with supporting documents to:
Kathy Sautters, Regional Director
AGN International - North America, Inc.
13918 E. Mississippi Ave #63308
Aurora, CO 80012
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agn membership can help you grow!

Could your firm utilize sharing opportunities for your professional staff, best practices ideas, and discussion of industry standards with other high quality firms? You, too, can be connected to the growth-oriented strategies and programs that have helped our members prosper. AGN North America membership is open to CPA and CA firms. If your firm meets those criteria, we want to talk with you!


  • Consistent opportunities to collaborate with dynamic, growing CPA and CA firms throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and West Asia & Africa, utilizing various technologies, i.e. webinars, teleconferences, face-to-face meetings, etc.
  • 24-7 online access to members and services
  • 6 levels of audit and tax staff training programs
  • Partner Development Academy training programs for Emerging Leaders, Partner Development Events, and Advanced Partner training
  • Specialty groups with access to hundreds of accounting professionals across North America
  • Industry-specific training and support
  • Benchmarking
  • Technical resources
  • Client service resources
  • Consulting emphasis
  • Non-traditional service resources



AGN North AmericaMember firms consist of any firm (including partnerships, professional corporations, limited liability companies, or other formal forms of practice) engaged in the rendering of professional services, as defined from time to time by the Board of Directors. A firm who chooses to apply for membership shall submit an application to the Board of Directors in the form prescribed by the Board, the required entry fee, and shall certify that it meets the qualifications for membership. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall notify each applicant of the action taken on its application.

Ownership of a member firm must be in accordance with the current regulations of the AICPA, state board, and in the case of members outside the US, the appropriate jurisdictions in which they practice.

All CPA active owners shall be members of a national professional organization of the jurisdictions in which they practice, such as The American Institute of CPAs or Institute of Chartered Accountants.

The Board of Directors may establish other criteria at any time.

firm size

The Association will generally consider North American firms with a minimum of $3 million in revenues for membership. If a prospective firm's revenues are less than the minimum, the Executive Committee will decide, upon consideration of other criteria such as location, expertise, niches, etc., whether the firm should be encouraged to submit an application.

admittance of new members

The search for new members will concentrate on targeted geographic areas not in conflict with existing members. However, in the event of any existing member firm conflicts, the Executive Committee will consult with affected member firms.

Upon the receipt of an application for membership, a preliminary circularization of the Directors shall be made to determine whether to proceed. Upon 80% of Board members' approval to proceed, the prospective member firm shall be visited and evaluated as to qualifications for membership. If the visitation team unanimously agrees that the firm should be recommended, the visitation team shall submit a letter of recommendation together with a ballot to the Executive Committee members for their vote, which must be unanimous. This vote shall normally be conducted by e-mail.

If the visitation team agrees to not recommend the firm, no letter or ballot to the Executive Committee is necessary.

If the visitation team is not able to reach a unanimous recommendation for admittance, the application shall be turned over to the Executive Committee for its consideration and final decision.

geographic expansion of members

While no formal policy regarding geographic overlap of member firms has been established, the Board encourages communication between members where geographic overlap will result from expansion and has directed that the Executive Committee shall act as a forum for firms to discuss issues that may arise.

Should a firm decide to open an office in a location where another firm has an office, the expanding firm's Board member is responsible for contacting the existing firm's Board member in advance to inform them of the move, as well as for informing the Regional Director, who will inform the Executive Committee.