CSA Board Members Attend the 2017 NARM

July 2017

For the second consecutive year, the CSA board met in the 2017 NARM to strengthen relations with the neighboring North American region. Alberto Adaminas, Marielos de Rueda and Harold Martínez, together with Mireia Rovira, represented the region at the meeting and took every opportunity to promote business synergy and communication between regions. 

The Board meeting was held on June 20th at the offices of AGN member firm Sisterson & Co., which was a great opportunity to meet with AGN colleagues and make lasting connections. This opportunity for a face-to-face meeting revealed that Sisterson does have clients with operations in the CSA region, which was a wonderful thing to learn. Technology is certainly a very good way to "meet" other members online, but we cannot forget the relevance of meeting in person. 

For more information, contact Mireia Rovira, CSA Regional Director.