2018 Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
9 - 11 April 2018 | Crowne Plaza Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

Join your AGN colleagues in the Asia Pacific region and beyond in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Meet friends new and old, learn and exchange ideas about firm and business development and hear about new technical topics. As is tradition, a lovely social programme is being planned for delegates and guests.  

Stylish, arty Melbourne is both dynamic and cosmopolitan, and it's proud of its place as Australia’s sporting and cultural capital. It's long been commented that Melbourne's inner city is the most European of any in Australia; the leafy eastern section of Collins Street was dubbed the 'Paris end' in the 1950s. There's a bit of New York in the mix as well, thanks to the city's well-ordered grid and scattering of art-deco high-rises. But Melbourne is uniquely Melbourne, and a lot of that's down to the more than 230 laneways that penetrate into the heart of the city blocks. It's here that the inner city's true nature resides, crammed into narrow lanes concealing world-class restaurants, bars and street art. 

Melbourne was 'hipster' before the word was ever attached to a bearded 20-something. The city has long had an artsy, liberal, bohemian and progressive strand to its subculture, and coffee and food have been obsessions here for decades. Word spreads about interesting new eateries and, before you know it, queues are forming outside. The international trend for faux-speakeasy bars is redundant in Melbourne as the city has had edgy places hidden down laneways and on warehouse rooftops for many years. Melbourne doesn't have to try hard – it just is. 

Technical Programme Highlights

Business development
 • Global tax trends
 • Technical information sharing
  Regional economy trend analysis and outlook
  Future of accounting

Social Programme Highlights

Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour
 • Morning City Sights Tour

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(On occasion, conference dates may change; please contact the AGN Asia Pacific office to verify dates before making plans.)