General Information

Dublin’s climate is September is the end of summer and can therefore be very mixed. Average daytime high temperatures in September range from highs of 18 Celcius to lows of 10 Celcius and chances of rain.
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By air:
Airport name: Dublin Airport
Airport code: DUB
Distance from Vancouver city centre: 10 km

Transport from airport to hotel
Many taxis serve the Dublin airport; cost to downtown is approximately €30
More transport information can be found HERE

There is not a strong tipping culture in Ireland but many locals and visitors tend to tip for certain services, in particular restaurants, taxis and personal services (e.g. hairdressing). A rough general guide follows. If you want to tip and are in doubt about how much, think 10%. All tips are at your discretion. 

AGN International, Ltd. and AGN International - North America, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, loss, damage, accident to private property or additional expenses incurred as a result of delays or changes in the air, rail, sea, road or other services, strikes, sickness, weather and any other cause. Participants are encouraged to make their own arrangements for health and travel insurance.

The electrical supply in Ireland is 230v 50hz. The plugs and sockets are different from the USA involving a three-pronged formation, the same as those used in the United Kingdom. If your appliances operate on a different current (such as those from North America) you will need a power converter and plug adapter.