Resource Partners

Thank you Resource Partners for your generous support of 2018 North American Tax/SaLT Conference!




2018 Resource Partners - A New Perspective for AGN

AGN embraced many changes in the last few years with even more changes this year and beyond. AGN member firms are eager to be future forward, adapt to the times, and strengthen their services and firm culture. With this is mind, we are pleased to announce a new collaborative way of approaching relationships.

Building on the relationships AGN has been privileged to share with various service providers over the years, our new Resource Partner Program is focused on the valuable tools and knowledge these businesses bring that will help member firms' practices and enable them to serve their clients even better!

What's New

Higher Emphasis on Networking: no more trade show format - Resource Partners will be in the sessions learning along with you, getting to know you better, and you with them. (Board meetings and confidential sharing sessions will be for members only.)  Resource Partners are also included in all social events to have fun right along with everyone else. AGN strongly believes that fostering an environment of mutual respect, support, and integrity will lead to stronger relationships and results for all involved.  

The term Resource Partners is used to reflect the valuable tools and knowledge their businesses provide to AGN members. Not only do they offer member discount programs, they also pay fees to attend our conferences. These fees are applied directly to lowering conference costs for you.

Do welcome these Resource Partners to our conference, be respectful and warm, and view them as business partners. They are here to help all AGN firms! 

If you are a Resource Partner, or would like to be, click here for more information