Mindset Changes Everything
Dr. Eve Meceda

2 CPE/CPD in Professional Development

Mindset Changes Everything: The Art & Science of Success in Business and Life

Presented by Dr. Eve Meceda

Why do some people embrace challenges, bounce back quickly from setbacks, take feedback well, and adapt easily to change – whereas others struggle to do these very same things? And (equally important) are these differences “hard-wired” – or are they something that we can change? The answer lies in an understanding of a concept called “mindset,” originally described by research psychologist Carol Dweck. Mindset is the most fundamental way that we perceive, understand, and interact with ourselves, other people, and the world at large – and it can take two different forms: “fixed” or “growth.”

The good news is that mindset itself is not “fixed”; it can be shaped at both the individual and the organizational level by focusing on several key factors. Understanding how to leverage these factors allows us to shift ourselves – and to help others shift – from fixed to growth mindset. Shifting to a growth mindset allows us – and our employees, our colleagues, our children and our partners – to perform at our best and to maximize our potential in every area of both our professional and personal lives.

This session provides participants with a robust understanding of the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset – and the ability to recognize the components of these mindsets in themselves and in others. Particular attention is also given to the specific steps that participants can take to shift from fixed to growth mindset – and how they can help others make this shift as well. At the end of the session, participants will (1) understand the value of shifting themselves, their employees/colleagues, and their organizations towards a growth mindset; and (2) have the tools to make this shift at the individual and organizational level.

Speaker Bio
Dr. Eve Meceda

Dr. Eve Meceda is a psychologist by training and an author, executive educator and professional speaker by choice. After obtaining her Ph.D. in social psychology at the University of Michigan, she spent more than a decade working with several leading research and consulting firms, partnering with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations on issues such as leadership development, performance management, employee engagement, and the attraction and retention of high potential employees. Much of Dr. Meceda’s work with clients now focuses on the development of a “growth mindset.” A key focus of this work is helping people from senior executives to front line employees shift from “the desire to prove how good they already are” to “the development of an obsession with learning, effort and improvement.”

Dr. Meceda was named the Vistage International “Speaker of the Year” for 2016, and her work with clients has taken her to virtually every corner of the world. In the course of delivering more than 1,000 speaking engagements over the years, she has had the privilege of working with organizations in 18 countries (and counting) on six continents. She is still trying to figure out how to arrange a session in Antarctica to make it a clean sweep of all seven. When she’s not on the road working with clients, Dr. Meceda lives and works in the beautiful Denver, Colorado area.

10/22/2019 10:00 AM - 11:40 AM