Retaining Your Rockstars
Wendy Nemitz
2 hrs. CPE/CPD in Personnel/HR
Retaining Your Rockstars
Presented by Wendy Nemitz

This session will focus on what you can do to keep your very best team members from the day they start until they become partners in the firm. Just like with our clients, we tend to focus on “squeaky wheel” people, while the best don’t complain much. This session gives seven concrete ideas of how to focus your culture and your time on keep the best.

Speaker Bio
Wendy Nemitz
Nemitz Enterprises, Inc.

With a B.A. in Communication and a M.A. in Leadership, Wendy Nemitz presents lively and refreshing workshops, keynotes and curriculum grounded in the latest research.  She has presented leadership and team-building programs throughout the USA and Canada as well as in Europe and Asia. With each experience, Wendy has developed a global sensibility about how leaders lead and how professionals serve.


Wendy is a Certified Gallup StrengthsFinder® coach and inventor of the Leadership Card Game. She is an idea generator and a futurist, known for embedding all of her workshops with adult learning theory and active participation. Even the most unlikely audiences are inspired and energized. One participant memorably said, “I could listen to Wendy talk about paint drying and be entertained.” 
   Wendy Nemitz, MA
InGenius Wendy
   A big-picture strategist, Ingenuity founder and principal Wendy Nemitz inspires leaders and organizations to get beyond the minutiae to focus on the big goals. Wendy is lightning-quick at identifying core themes of her clients' businesses and helping them market these messages in surprisingly effective ways. She will provide you with a process of how to get from A to B to Z, no matter where you are in the marketing and business development process.

As a business development trainer and leadership coach, Wendy travels extensively in the United States and abroad, working with executives, marketing and sales teams and other professionals to help them create a whole-firm marketing and BD process that significantly improves results.

Bachelor of Science in Communications from the College of St. Catherine; Masters Degree in Leadership from Augsburg College

Industry Organizations
Board member for the Society for Marketing Professional Services; member of the Association for Accounting Marketing and the Legal Marketing Association.

Speaking and Training Overview
Wendy has provided trainings, lectures and workshops at companies, organizations and other venues to service professionals and corporate leaders, young professionals, industry organizations and others. The following is a sample of recent topics:
• Webinar co-presenter on whole-firm media strategies entitled "Be the Expert: Media Positioning in Pitched, Paid & Proactive Media," October 12, 2011.
• Serving as a panelist on Referral Engine Optimization at the Interactive Marketing for Real Estate Summit in Minneapolis on September 16, 2011.
• Leading a class on Client Ratings for the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants, June 22, 2011.
• Above Reproach: Protecting Your Firm's Reputation Using Social Networking, Public Relations and the Internet" at AGN-NA 2011 Regional Meeting in Arizona, May 17, 2011.

Recent Publications and Media
Wendy has recently been featured in the following press:
• Article entitled "Commodity Busters: Four Ways to Move Beyond the Pricing Trap," Growth Strategies: the Journal of Accounting Marketing and Sales, an AAM publication, Fall 2011.
• Article entitled 'Pleasure and Pain: Marketing and Sales in the New Economy," in the BKR International Worldwide Bulletin, May/June 2011.