Doing Business in Brazil

Published in June 2016

The Federative Republic of Brazil is Latin America's largest economy. With 3,290,000 square miles, bordering 10 other countries and with 4,650 miles of coastline, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and fifth largest in the world. Brazil's 2014 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of US$2.3 trillion ranks Brazil as the world's seventh-largest economy. Annual growth during 2014 dropped to 0.1% due to reduced demand for Brazilian exports in Europe and Asia and modest consumer demand from Brazil's large middle class.

In 2014, the U.S. was the second largest exporter to Brazil, accounting for 15% of Brazil's total imported goods; behind China and followed by Argentina, Germany, and Nigeria. In 2014, Brazil imported over US$229 billion of total goods.

Major reasons to do business with Brazil include:

Brazil's population of 202 million is the fifth largest in the world, representing nearly 3 percent of global consumers.

At the same time, Brazil has the highest per capita income of any of the BRICS, with more than half of its population defined as middle-class, earning between $11,500 and $29,000 per year.

Brazil is also traditional leader among emerging markets. A BRICS member, it is now considered by many multi-national companies as an essential market for truly global businesses.

The Brazilian Government is actively cultivating relationships with international and U.S. businesses and prioritizing macroeconomic stability. In order to avoid the 'redundancy' risk of the use of static data about various countries, this portal incorporates various data feeds from:

  • The World Bank

  • The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

The intention is to provide access to live information extracted from the regularly refreshed databases maintained by these organisations.



Use the navigations buttons below to access to more live data:
Inflation, Development indicators, Exports, Trade Balance, and more.

OECD Country Comparison Portal

The window below is a direct feed of regularly updated information from the OECD. It provides data concerning everything from GDP growth, fiscal balance, investment, and unemployment rates to consumption, import volume and export volume. The window allows comparisons between Brazil and other countries of the OECD average for these factors.

Inflation (CPI)

Total, Annual growth rate (%)

World Bank Development Indicators

The window below is a feed from the World Bank website and shows the primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially-recognized international sources. It presents the most current and accurate Brazilian and global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates. Amongst others it covers critical areas of Agriculture & Rural Development, Climate Change, Economy & Growth, Education, Energy & Mining, Environment, External Debt, Health, Infrastructure and Labor & Social Protection


This graph is taken from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC). Products, represented by rectangles, are drawn from the 775 individual product classes found in the Standardized International Trade Code.

This graph shows volumes of goods exported from Brazil.


This graph is taken from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC). Products, represented by rectangles, are drawn from the 775 individual product classes found in the Standardized International Trade Code.

This graph shows volumes of goods imported into Brazil.

Trade Balance

This graph is taken from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC).

This graph illustrates the subsequent trade balance of exports and imports to and from Brazil.


This graph is taken from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC).

This graph shows the destinations of goods and services by country.


Business Opportunities Brazil:

Positive ‘Energy’- investment opportunities in Brazil     (January 2016)

New government incentives make foreign investment into the Brazilian energy sector particularly attractive to suppliers in the wind/solar power, electricity and fuel sectors.  

There are certain technical criteria that must be demonstrated in order to qualify for these tax benefits. The AGN member firm in Brazil has experience to provide proper guidance.

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Tax Publications:


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The Committee of Relationship with North America promotes the connection between regions to facilitate business engagements.
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The region offers ample trade and international investment opportunities.
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AGN News:

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AGN welcomes new firm in Costa Rica - Cruz & Associates Certified Public Accountants

AGN International – one of the world’s leading associations of independent certified public accounting and consulting firms, announces the addition of a new member firm from Costa Rica - Central South America (CSA) region.

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October 2019

Symposium Success: NA Fall Symposium 2019 Press Release


This year, AGN NA hosted its annual Fall Symposium in Atlanta GA, on October 20 - 22. The event saw a total of 80 attendees, of which 63 were delegates. 

The event presented attendees with dynamic speakers on current practice management issues such as growth, staff retention, and firm culture, as well as a two-day tax seminar for AGN tax professionals. The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta’s Buckhead section also hosted AGN’s staff level training and emerging leaders program, rounding out a diverse representation of AGN member firms.

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