Partner Study Groups

"The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been." - Henry Kissinger

For experienced AGN member firm partners, Upstream Academy's LeaderSkills Institute (LSI) modules prove the platform for AGN-sponsored large and small group training and study. Experts in specific fields are brought in to amplify module subject matter and/or best practices in those matters.

When you participate in the APT program, you are working toward a goal. Study group participants will be awarded "points" for completion of the LeaderSkills Institute (LSI) modules in the NARM group setting, and for participating in the independent study groups.

Modules will be tracked. The goal is that achieving platinum status will be prestigious for the participant and the firm. If the participant doesn't meet the study group requirements, s/he doesn't receive the award.

3 Modules Completed = Beginner Status | Timing: May
10+ Modules Completed = Bronze Status | Timing: 12 months later
15+ Modules Completed = Copper Status | Timing: 12 months later
20+ Modules Completed = Silver Status | Timing: 12 months later
25+ Modules Completed = Gold & Platinum Status | Timing: 12 months later

Most important is the idea that study group participants are making at least a 4-year commitment to each other to work together to build their partner management/leadership skill sets. Along the way, hopefully, partners will grow in their relationship/knowledge-sharing with their group members.



"It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from followers." - Warren Bennis

Make up a missed module and/or complete additional modules:
  1. Participate with another study group either electronically or in person
  2. Teach a module in your firm - OR - participate when a module is taught by someone else in your firm
  3. Participate in two PDA webinars - OR - attend the MAP session at the Fall Board Meeting
Contact Ashleigh Lambert (Director of Member Programs) with any questions. You may also phone her directly at 303-743-7880, option 7.