Differences This Year

AGN has shifted our approach and attitude toward this program; this is a career-long program, and we hope many of the participants will be engaged until they are well into the partner level. This is not one-time training, this is developing individual professionals incrementally over time, and helping them to step up to the challenges at each critical point in their evolution.

We believe this mindset will allow you to not only develop outstanding team members, but to retain them and embrace them as part of the firm's overall succession plan. 


All classes are held in centrally located Cincinnati, OH in the offices of AGN member Clark Schaefer Hackett. This will give your team a unique glimpse of life at another AGN member firm and the opportunity to mingle with even more peers. 

New Billing Process

AGN now offers up-front pricing and payment. We will no longer use the "pooling airfare and hotel costs" method of the past; these expenses will be handled by each firm.

Levels 5 & 6 Morph Into Something Bigger and Better

These two levels were previously focused on leadership skills at the pre-manager level and taught by 20-20. Our new program is building professional skills into all previous levels, and we want this pivotal point in a career to be consistent and as impactful as possible. As a result, these two levels are being replaced by Effective Leadership for Managers, a year-long program presented by CSH that will:

• Provide in-person and virtual instruction
• Focus on a variety of areas, including interpersonal communications and business development
• The extended length provides increased emphasis on cohesiveness, relationships, and bonding within each class

This program will launch with the first in-person meeting on September 24 - 26, and will conclude with a meeting and graduation in September 2018.

Changes at Each Level

AGN has learned that many of our members perform their own "Level 1", incorporating introductions to firm culture, processes, and systems. As a result, we are creating a recommended curriculum for AGN members to follow during that process that will prepare their team members to begin AGN: ADVANCE in their second year. This Level 1 curriculum will be offered free of charge to all members, and we hope that it will assist you in your onboarding and retention strategies.

LEVELS 2 & 3
Due to the additional professional content, both of these levels are now 4 days instead of 3. We feel that the investment of one more day will be well worth the value of the content and applicable skillsets developed, particularly at this point in career development. To be as efficient as possible, we will utilize key social time as practical application of business development and etiquette training. [more]

This is the key year, and we want to be sure to prepare these professionals for additional client responsibility. As a result, we have added a full-day Project Management Skills workshop to the curriculum to cover the aspects of running an engagement -- from client contact to team leadership. You may notice that we did not add a day to the length of the training to obtain this. Thanks to the diligence of our trainers, we have streamlined  our technical and business development sessions with sacrificing content! [more]

New Horizons for Emerging Leaders and Partners

For 2017, we are continuing with Upstream Academy's Emerging Leaders Program. However, we are developing a new 2-year Effective Leadership for Partners program that will be launched in 2018 for those approaching partnership. This is a new program that will incorporate a variety of instruction and thought leaders, as well as the CSH team. We are also kicking off our AGN: ADVANCE program with our Executive Leadership Workshop on June 20, a day-long program presented by Brad Self and Jon Horn of CSH. These will continue semi-annually and are open to any Director/Partner level individual in a member firm.

For further information contact

Cindy Frey, Member Programs Manager, NA AGN International