Delegate Programme

NextGen Programme

AGN is also committed to helping the NextGen. Our aim is to engage the future leaders of the firms that possess powerful leadership skills and an International business approach. We would like to encourage you to guide and support your employees in their careers. These might be younger people, who you see as ambitious future leaders of your business. 

Below is our NextGen definition:

  • AGN is setting different channels, tools and synergies to engage the future leaders of the firms with powerful leadership skills and International business approach
  • The IBDC will be mentoring the group
  • The group is called NextGen (next generation)
  • A transversal group accross the globe with different levels of communication and participation
  • Invite through their managing partners
  • Training on regional and International business development and AGN BD tools
  • Presencial meetings (WC PreCon, some regional meetings)
  • Virtual communications (Listsreves, webinars, sporadic participation to IBDC meetings)
  • Energizers of the Talent and BD tools and resources facilitated by AGN International
  • Link with Marketing Sharegroup when appropriate

More details about the NextGen programme will follow.